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Evan Barbee

Enneagram Holistic Coach and Educator

Evan is a coach, writer and educator based in Nashville, TN. While volunteering in India in 2010, a chance encounter led Evan to a psycho-spiritual teaching tradition called the Enneagram, arguably the oldest human development system in existence. An immediate and profound appreciation of this work took root in her life as she recognized the great potential this system holds in creating meaningful change in the lives of individuals. First and foremost a devoted student, Evan has studied with the most veteran teachers in the field and serves on the board of The Narrative Enneagram, an educational non-profit established 30 years ago and co-founded by Helen Palmer, professor of psychology at Berkeley and the late Dr. David Daniels, professor of psychiatry at Stanford Medical School. Evan’s work is directly informed by her own experience and has helped shape a long-term goal of bringing personal development work into low-income areas, to resource-poor populations and to any individuals who might not otherwise have access. For the past two years she has worked in collaboration with DCSO as an educator in a program for women experiencing incarceration. She considers this experience to be the highlight of her week.

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