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Most of the time when we need care, we need it now. With FYI, you can talk to a doctor or medical provider via phone or video call in minutes. 24/7/365. Get the care you need, whenever you need it.

You deserve incredible care
on your schedule

Getting good medical care for you and your family is hard (and frustrating)! We believe you shouldn’t have to deal with long waits or endless headaches just to talk to a qualified medical professional.

We get it.

We’ve been there. We’ve dealt with our own healthcare headaches, too. We’ve been frustrated by health care obstacles and waited for appointments for far too long. Which is why we’re so excited to bring you FYI.

FYI gives you direct access to board-certified doctors and therapists by video or phone call any time of day or night. They answer your questions, give you advice, and can even call in prescriptions* for you.

Powered by professionals

Founded by an award-winning doctor in Nashville, Tennesse, Dr. Grayson Woods and powered by MeMD—one of America’s largest, most innovative, and most trusted telemedicine companies.


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Great care is only a call away

With FYI you don’t have to deal with long waits anymore. Getting care is as simple as requesting a call from your phone or computer. You get a call back from a medical provider on average of 12 minutes.

Talk about a short wait time!

You can talk to the medical provider about all sorts of topics, including:


  • Urgent and Everyday Care
  • Women’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Talk Therapy
  • Teen Therapy (10 – 17)
  • Psychiatry (18+)
  • COVID-19 Screening

Join FYI today to cure your healthcare headaches and have peace of mind that you have quick access to a doctor or therapist, whenever you need them.