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What is FYI?

Started by women’s health professionals, FYI is a continuation of our commitment to wellness and our dedication to fostering informed conversations. This is a place where you have a unique and powerful opportunity to learn and engage in conversation with specialists, doctors, wellness junkies, and medical professionals. Women of all ages are invited to explore answers to their health-related questions in an intimate and inclusive space with candid conversations.

Why did we create FYI?​

Negotiating the health and wellness space is more trying than ever. Limited time with your doctor after waiting months for an appointment, getting dieting tips from social media, and digesting a diagnosis from Dr. Google leave you wondering how to approach health. So what’s the solution? We are.

Joining the FYI family​

FYI is a membership program design to cultivate a vibrant and curious community. Our gatherings offer simplicity, focused learning and inclusion, and members are our way of ensuring that. Your membership will grant you access to a community of women who appreciate the value of knowledge, especially when it comes to their health, wellness, and relationships. 

Our gatherings are engaging.

questions, conversations and answers

Roundtable conversations are designed to address your concerns and answer your questions. You will have the opportunity to join the discussion and speak directly with a topic expert and other FYI Members at the gatherings. Led by health specialists, each event will be informative and engaging. The knowledge you gain will be valuable and reliable — unlike what you might find online.

Our dynamic and well-informed experts.

specialists, doctors and health professionals we know and trust

Partnering with top names in the industry allows you access to the cream of the crop when it comes to health and wellness knowledge. Industry experts, with qualifications and experience, are here to provide an extensive understanding of your wellness concerns. Get to know our experts, and engage with them in an inclusive, approachable space. If you like what they have to say, you can expect to see them again.

We cover topics you care about.

take what you need and leave the rest

Wondering about the best parenting practices, navigating your relationship, living well with chronic illness, or how to never diet again? Wellness and medical experts are here to help. Led by health specialists, our gatherings are informative and engaging and we cover important and relevant topic. Let us help you understand health in a new way.

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